The online portfolio of Lee Dyer, Web Developer.

Flowerbox Creative is my online home and portfolio. I am a web developer and design specialist based in South East Cornwall. I draw on my creative talents and knowledge in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP; whilst utilising the power of wordpress to deliver eye catching, highly functional web applications which follow the latest standards recommendations published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

In January 2014 I started employment with the award winning design agency Voice Group in Liskeard, Cornwall, where I joined the ‘tech team’. Working closely alongside designers and editors to develop internet strategies whilst managing the budgetary and time constraints of our clients.

If you have a project which you would like to discuss then please contact me.

Current employer: Voice Group
Employment since: January 2014 – Present
Position held: Web Developer

Voice Group are a design agency offering creative services to businesses big and small, with a focus on mobile development for smartphones and tablets.

The right skill set.

Using the knowledge and experience of my industry, to help you perform well in yours.

UX Design

User experience design, is a creative discipline with an aim to provide a positive human-computer interaction. We’ve seen a huge transformation in web based technologies over the past decade, and the websites performing consistently well are the ones which are the most pleasant to use.

Developing for mobile

With the rise of smartphone and mobile device sales it is estimated that in the next few years more people will access the internet using a mobile device than a desktop computer. Developing for mobile, tablet and desktop ensures you are available to everyone, everywhere. Are you ready?

SEO from the ground up

‘My website will be at the top of Google, right?’ There is no quick solution, but designing with search engine optimisation in mind will give you the best chance. By following the latest techniques with a fundamental approach from the beginning, I can ensure your site is optimised for being indexed by search engines.

Why do I choose to develop using WordPress?

WordPress undeniably runs more websites than any other competitor,
and is a perfect match for any small to medium size business.

WordPress & theme development

With its intuitive, friendly user interface, WordPress has grown to become a leading platform choice for content management. Images, posts, pages and more can be edited via a WYSIWYG editor, as easy as using your favourite word processor. A proven foundation, WordPress holds an estimated market share of 60.1% of all websites who’s CMS is known (W3Techs Web Technology Survey). This all makes choosing to develop using WordPress a no brainer!

Need an e-Commerce solution?

An e-commerce solution can be integrated seamlessly into your website. WooCommerce is a WordPress toolkit which boasts enterprise-level quality & features, such as trusted security, comprehensive store management, reports, marketing and promotions. The advantages of e-commerce in overcoming geographical limitations and growing a new customer base are obvious, but it’s avoiding the common mistakes which can make your e-store a success.

Meet the clients.

See some of the clients I have worked with.